All it took was a windy day at the beach for 3 crazy fun British girls to hatch an idea. 
A few hours (make that many hours) at their sewing machines have
produced beautiful, high quality and fun products for the beach.



Made from high quality fabrics, re-enforced stitching, oversized pockets and a whole lot of British love.
The Breeze Breaker not only protects you from the wind, it gives you a bit of privacy as well. Each Breeze Breaker comes with
a mallet, poles and a bag with a sturdy shoulder strap. All you need is a sunny day, a beach, and you're good to go!


Breeze Breakers provide not only protection from the wind but give you much needed privacy on a crowded beach day. 
Breeze breakers are made from heavy duty Duck Canvas and are accented with beautiful, fun and striking pockets. 
Each breeze breaker comes with a heavy duty bag that has a reinforced base, a comfortable strap, 
a pocket for the included mallet and a tab to easily hang the breeze breaker up when not in use. Each breeze breaker is unique, and all are hand crafted with lots of attention to detail.


"I loved it because of the privacy, and I felt like my belongings were safer ."

"This is really well made compared to others that I have seen. The other ones seem cheap."


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