it's just what we do!


Our classic response and catch phrase is "It's just what we do" plain and simple.  When you grow up in England the kettle is never cold, there's always a pot of tea brewing and in most cases a cup of tea cures everything.  That steaming brew is the recipe to make any situation better.  Whatever happens, day or night, the classic response is "I'll put the kettle on" and come hell or high water there's a brew made within minutes and the worlds' problems are lessened just ever so slightly.  All of us have lived in the USA a very long time and I don't think any of our friends here have not been served a scone and a brew when they've popped over.  Ask us why and we'll reply "it's just what we do".  If we can't find something we need we design and make it.  Any job, big or small, can be completed with the quick stitching of our sewing machines or a quick batch of something baking in the oven.  Check out our Penny Farthing Tea Room page and our Beach products page and see more of our events. Thanks so much for checking out our webpage!  Now,,,,, "get that kettle on"