The concept of the 'paint along' was created by our very own Brit girl Deb.  Over a decade ago Miss Deb taught her very first paint along at the Village Center for the Arts in New Milford, Connecticut.  Wondering what she could do with an after school class of almost 20 students Deb decided to teach these students how to 'paint along' with her.  Thus became the concept of 'paint along'.  Similar events have since popped up all over Connecticut and I know you're asking "what makes your events stand out from the rest"?  Not only do our guests walk away with an amazing piece of artwork, but they gain knowledge and skills which can be built up each time they attend any future events.  We have so many options.  


Canvas Board or Stretched Canvas

A traditional medium and the most practical option for displaying the final piece


Illuminated Wine Bottle Painting

A unique way to light up your room! Have a piece of your art serve a practical purpose--and look gorgeous while doing so!