A Bun in the Oven

A baby shower like no other.  Let the Brit girls turn your celebration into a classic high tea with a true British flair.  Celebrate with your 'bun in the oven' with your friends and family whilst the Brit girls surround you with elegance and style.  Choose a menu to suit your tastes.  Your little one deserves nothing but the best and so do you!

A Bit of a Do

Transform any celebration into a 'bit of a do'.  A true British shin-dig celebration for any event.  Let the BritsBrand girls bring some British Tradition to you party.  Whether your looking for sheer elegance, a Royal flair or the addition of beautiful china, we can make your party amazing.  Please check out our Penny Farthing Tea Room page for more photographs of our events so far. Any questions please email us through out inquire page and one of the BritsBrand girls will contact you to have a gab!

A Right Royal Bash

The Royals are the center of our society.  If you want the royal treatment this party is for you.  Crowns, tiaras, jewels and capes will make your 'bash' like no other.  Call for pricing and party information.

An heir to the Throne Birthday parties

Treat your prince or princess to a Royal birthday celebration.  Your 'little royals' will be served traditional party food while playing party games like you've not seen before.  Pass the parcel, musical chairs, musical statues, pin a crown on the queen to name a few.  Give your child a party like no other.  You can be sure they will talk about this celebration for years to come.