All-Wright Acres

We have lived in this beautiful area of Connecticut for many years but only this week discovered the beauty and delights of All-Wright Acres farm in Bethlehem.  Nestled among the Abbey of Regina Laudis this beautiful property is home to Karyn Wright and her family.  As we went down the driveway we truly felt like we were entering a little piece of England.  Karyn and her friend Donna showed us around the house and property which features the Bethlehem Bunkhouse, a beautiful barn, pool, farm and gift store as well as home to Karyn's home made products creatively named The Hippie Chicks.  We shared our scones, clotted cream, jam a lovely brew in Karyn's gorgeous dining room as we discussed and planned for her annual Christmas Sale to be held November 24th.  This is how we do business, over a brew and a scone!!! 


all-wright acres logo.jpg