Good morning Brit fans. Hope you’re managing to keep up with this ever changing New England weather. One week we were sunning ourselves in Woodbury at the Fall Festival and the next we’re up to our shins in mud at the Hopkins Vineyard! Either way we always have a good cuppa brewing and some fantastic baked goods ready to cheer you up! Last weekend really was a blast. If you’ve never visited the Hopkins Vineyard you really don’t know what you are missing. No matter which route you take to get there you will be stunned by the scenery, no matter what the season. Last weekend, despite the rain, visitors were treated to a beautiful display of Fall colors all around. A bonfire was roaring while the band played and despite the rain everyone had a great time. We were kept warm, not just by the copious amounts of tea consumed, but by the never ending warmth from the people we had the pleasure of meeting. My favorite part of the afternoon came in the form of a comment from one of the guests (sorry Tilden’s your fish tacos were to die for but…) “these are the best scones I have ever tasted”. For our little company, comments like these mean everything. We started as 3 friends throwing out ideas and coming up with solutions and it’s turned into a thriving little business that can only go from strength to strength. That very same day Deb got to spend the afternoon at the gorgeous salon Byrde & the b. Joined by the owner Scott Bond, multiple Emmy award winner and nominee, and Justine Hoagland with CLOTH clothing, guests were treated to an afternoon of shopping for beautiful children’s clothing while they enjoyed a spot of tea and a scone or fairy cake. This salon is amazing. Decorated with antiques and a unique flair, it offers everything you could want in a full service salon. So while Ali, Clare and Hannah were sloshing about at the Hopkins Vineyard, Deb and Deb were nice and cozy in the luxurious surroundings that spell out star treatment from the moment you walk in the door.

No matter where we ‘pop up’ you’ll always find us enjoying what we do. Our love of our British heritage is what inspires us and to share it with you all is what makes us happy. Keep an eye on our blog to see where we will be next. Until then ‘tara for now’ x